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How do I encourage pepper seeds to germinate?

In the past 2 months, I tried to germinate some pepper seeds, but all of them failed. I used some tiny pots to contain the soil (don't know more about it; just black soil in general) and the planted ...
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Starting tomato from seed

We are wanting to grow tomato plants from seed this year. We've not done this before, so we have some questions. How big should the containers be that we start the seeds in? How long should they ...
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What is the difference between compost and soil?

This question has been asked many times on the net and the information provided is unreliable and mostly wrong. What I am aiming to understand is what is lacking in compost that we can't just add it ...
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What should I do if the soil shrinks and separates from the flowerpot walls?

Recently we relocated a cactus into a new flowerpot. When it was planted the soil would evenly occupy the flowerpot and adjoin the flowerpot side walls. The soil isn't cactus soil, but just regular ...
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Has anybody had any success using 5 gallon buckets as planters?

I've recently became interested in starting some outdoor planters this coming spring. After searching around, I found an interesting idea off of Popular Mechanics using 5 gallon drywall buckets as ...
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Is it okay to leave peat moss out from a soil-less mix recipe?

Is it OK to leave out peat moss in a soil recipe? I have this gardenbox and I'm looking for recipes for a mix to buy in bulk and ALL of them have peat moss, but from what I've read it's no good. Here'...
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Do I need to correct the pH of my newly re-potted citrus tree?

I tried my hand at making my own soil for my citrus tree re potting. See below for the long story reasoning. I mixed EKO store bought (I live in an apartment) organic compost with coco coir and ...
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What are good plants to use in a container-based winter garden?

I live in an apartment that has a small outdoor patio and I'm looking to create a little container garden this autumn/winter. I'm located in the US (hardiness zone is 7) and I'm looking for ideas (...
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Can I make my own seed raising mix?

From what I understand there is something in seed raising mix that increases the chance of germination and I guess the rest is stuff that helps feed a seedling. What is there in seed raising mix that ...
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Is this compost appropriate for transplanting/repotting tomatoes?

I have planted some tomato seeds (that came in a grow bag) in a flat planting tray and as the stems and leaves are growing up, I'm being convinced that I should move them back to the grow bags that ...
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