I'm wondering what is causing my lawn to apparently change colors... this a small segment of approximately a 3' x 6' area. There is another smaller area, about 2' x 4' nearby, and while I was mowing yesterday, it looks like some other areas are starting to show.

The blades (leaves?) are actually a little more reddish in color than the image shows.

I am in Southwest Florida (Ft. Myers area).

Any idea what this is and what to do about it (if anything)?



red-brown lawn http://www.unkfrank.com/images/StackExchange/lawn031614.jpg

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Looks like a form of crab grass( Digitaria sanguinalis ) or Dallisgrass ( Paspalum dilatatum ) which can sometimes turn reddish based on many external growth factors (sunlight, water, temp etc).

A good resource is this site based on your location.


Looks like a paspalum sp. Common native lawn weed in southwest Florida. Typical to turn red color during drought conditions in winter/spring South Florida.

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