I recently found this plant hiding behind a bush.

Could someone please identify it?

Unknown Plant

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This plant is called the Mass Cane or Dracaena Massangea also known as Dracaena fragrans . See here for other answers which expand on this.

From my previous answer

It is a very popular tropical plant from Africa. In the wild this plant reaches 15 m (49 ft) but specimens grown indoors can be easily kept at ceiling height (about 2 m or 6 to 8 ft).

Your plant has a red waxy substance on the end of the cane due to how it is grown. A typical production cycle for this plant is for it to be grown outside in Central America, Costa Rica is a common origin. The plant is allowed to grow to twenty or thirty feet and then chain sawed into various lengths. The trunks are then shipped to Florida in containers and potted up. Growers will pack three or four trunks of varying lengths into one pot and a sealant is put on the end of each trunk to prevent rot.

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