This succulent was purchased at a grocery store with out a tag. It is fairly quick growing, going from one inch to eight inches in a month and a half. Can anyone identify it?

Unknown Succulent Unknown Succulent

[Note: There is a jade plant in the foreground of the first picture. The plant I am interested in is the single stemmed thing with grayish foliage. The plant has been grown in bright light inside the house.]

  • Looks quite intriguing - the leaves to the right in the first picture, near the bottom, are more boat shaped than cylindrical. Are they the same plant? And do you have it somewhere sunny - or not?
    – Bamboo
    Sep 16, 2013 at 15:39

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I am sure it is Sedum pachyphyllum. If you water a lot, it grows very quickly and too much.


I'm quite confident it's a kind of Succulent plant . Some guesses:

  • Adromischus filicaulis ssp marlothii [pic]
  • Adromischus halesowensis [pic]
  • Othonna capensis

This looks more like "annual seablite" from Suaeda Genus.These grow on salty and Marshy areas and are well known for their rapid growth with little care.

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