What are common causes of these burnt tips?

Over/under fertilization? Too much/little light? Nutrient deficiency?

This is Korean shiso/perilla growing in a deep water culture. I've also seen it on basil grown in soil.

Burnt tips on shiso


It looks like nitrogen and potassium deficiency to me.

From Chapter 4, Soil fertility and crop production of the book Plant Nutrition for Food Security - A guide for integrated nutrient management published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations:

Deficiencies indicated by symptoms appearing first on older leaves

  • chlorosis starting from leaf tips, later leaves turn yellowish-brown: N
  • reddish/purple discoloration on green leaves or stalks: P
  • leaves with brown necrotic margins and/or spots: K
  • stripe chlorosis, mainly between veins, while veins remain green: Mg
  • spot necrosis: greyish-brown stripe-form spots in oats (grey-speck disease): Mn
  • dark-brown spots in oats and barley, whitish spots in rye and wheat: Mn

Deficiencies indicated by symptoms appearing first on younger leaves:

  • completely yellowish-green leaves with yellowish veins: S
  • yellow or pale yellow to white leaves with green veins: Fe
  • youngest leaf with white, withered and twisted tip: Cu
  • yellowish leaves with brownish spots and/or leaf deformed (part of acidity syndrome): Ca
  • Any references for more info? Awesome answer @Randy! – Brian Low Sep 8 '13 at 1:18

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