This is the first year I've grown carrots. What gave them legs?

What gave my carrots legs.

I have a theory that the seedlings merged together. I don't know if that is just silly or if carrots just naturally grow like this.

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Carrots often develop forked roots when:

  • the soil is stony

  • manure is added to the plot shortly before sowing

  • the bed is too firm

  • the soil is very heavy and has not been dug sufficiently - carrots like light, well-drained fertile soil

If your soil is stony - and this is what usually causes the problem -, you should have better luck with a short-rooted variety such as Amsterdam.

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    I think i have 3 of those 4 conditions :)
    – Fatmuemoo
    Commented Jun 23, 2011 at 12:23

Anything that impedes the downward growth of the root will do this: stony soil, heavy soil (carrots prefer lighter soils), even damage from pests.

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