Normally we plant tomatoes and cucumber in our greenhouse during the summer here in the UK. We didn't do so this year, but I was wondering what could be planted in a greenhouse, if there is anything, for the winter months? The greenhouse isn't heated, it's just a glass structure.


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Quite a bit of stuff actually, even in Scotland, but a lot of it will need to be sown inside or somewhere heated at this time of year up there, it being that much cooler than us here in London. Also, some vegetable crops can be germinated and started into growth now, but will simply sit, protected, in the greenhouse, until spring, when the weather warms up and light levels increase.

Have a look at this: Vegetables to grow in winter: a how-to guide. (Janet Renouf-Miller, via permaculture.co.uk, 2010).

Bear in mind that things like spinach, land cress and lambs lettuce will grow outside all winter too, but you’ll get more growth under cover, specially if you use polypropylene floating mulch in the pots. The article I’m directing you to is actually written by someone who lives in Scotland.

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