I had two wonderful red fleshed apples in Birch Bay, Washington. We've moved to St. Helens, Oregon and I can't find any here. I'd love to replace them. Does anyone know where I might find these and which ones would be the most hardy for this area?

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St. Helens, Oregon is in USDA hardiness zone 8, and Winter Red Flesh crabapple will grow well up to zone 9, and will grow well in your area with irrigation. This is a very attractive small tree, with bronze leaves, and lots of pink/purple flowers in spring.


If you want an actual apple rather than a crabapple, check out Pink Pearl (pink fleshed not red), good in low chill areas. Zone 8 isn't high chill, but its not exactly low chill either, so it might be worth trying Xmas Pearman or Grenadine, both with red flesh, though they do require cold winters.

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