I'm very new to growing any citrus plants. Last year I decided to plant some lemon seeds that I got from lemons from the store, just as a sort of "will this even grow"

This plant is now about a year old, it'd been fairly healthy till recently where I've noticed more and more of the leaves have started going brown and crispy. it's mostly the older leaves but I'm not sure what's happening.

I'm in the UK, so it's been pretty chilly, as spring rolled around about ~2 months ago, it started growing a lot again after being dormant during winter. but then about 2/3 weeks ago completely stopped. but it has been quite chilly in the UK still for some context, dropping below 10 degrees. my plants stayed indoors pretty much it's whole life.

I water the plant about every 1-2 weeks depending on how dry the surface looks. Once a month, id been using the baby bio citrus food fertiliser, as per instructions on the packaging, but I've stopped fertlising for the last month. the plant also sits next to a South facing window, with the window open occasionally. The temperature recently has stayed between 15-18 degrees near the plant.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I love this little plant, don't want it to die :(

a potted 2 foot sapling with two main leaders and approximately two dozen leaves. The leaves near the bottom of the plant are brown at the tips.

close up of a browned leaf tip

close up of a leaf with a brown patch at the end of a leaf

a brown and dried leaf in the potting soil

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Your soil looks a tad dry. Add Distilled water (Only use distilled or collected rainwater for plants), Common sign of lack of humidity. Citrus grows in humid climates so it needs warm moisture. Put a clear plastic bag over it and add a bit of water as it sits in the sun. enter image description here

Second citrus plants have differing fertilizer needs. Citrus fertilizer or any with a NPK rating 2-1-1

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