A single trunked avocado sapling with about 25 leaves

I need help, please. I have doubts about my avocado, I think it is very big and I don't know if that is bad, I have heard that in several cases they cut them so that they branch, but in my case, will it be okay?

I think my avocado is very long, it measures about 1.60m. If I cut it, in which part should I do it? Or is it not necessary to do so? I am thinking about transplanting my avocado to a field that I have because I no longer have space in my house. I was thinking about transplanting it the other month, but with that I had doubts if it would be a good idea or if my avocado is in condition to transplant it.

You can see in the image that my avocado trunk is very thin and I don't know if that is good or bad, if I should wait or intervene. I don't know what to do with my avocado so that it continues to grow well, so that I can have good fruit from it in the future.

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You should transplant it as soon as you can. It is a tree, so it will not look like a bush. When you plant it, ensure that you have a good strong stake next to it and tie the plant to it.

  • For stakes, you can visit a garden centre, or find a length of wood, plastic rod or metal rod.
  • For tying - you find suitable ties at a garden centre, or use a non-abrasive twine, or a length of a strip of cloth or old stockings. It should not be too tight, the plant should be able to move. You may need two or three ties.
  • Thank you very much for answering. Then I can leave my avocado in the field without having to cut something. Then I will transplant my avocado and obviously, as you said, I leave it a support stake with a string, with 1 or more ties so that it grows well and is not so tight. I will surely do it these days about the avocado transplant. Again, thank you very much
    – AGENTE71
    Apr 17 at 3:47
  • I disagree that an avo will not look like a bush. Correctly pruned, most commercial avos look like bushes. I do agree that the pot is to small for the avo.
    – davidgo
    Apr 17 at 20:40

In general, avocados - left to their own devices will grow very tall (think 10-20 meters tall).

In order to encourage them to grow outwards and not up, you need to cut off the main branch. Typically that would be done just above a node - ie just above where leaves come out) between 1m and 1.6m above the ground - generally closer to 1m so you will be able to reach the fruit easily. When making the cut it is typical to do it at an angle (say 30-45 degrees). Its drastic, but probably something you need to do here.

That avo is definitely ready to be moved from the pot - although I would leave some time between transplanting it and cutting off the top as both are very stressful for the plant.

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