My jasmine started (about a week ago) losing leaves.

I didn't pay it much attention at the time as it was only a few and since they were from the base, my cat could have knocked them down.

Now, though, they are falling en masse.

After some searching, I've found that It might be because it needed water, so I started giving it some (about a liter every 2 days)

The exact variety is : Trachelospermum jasminoides

The plant is on a balcony, in France, and gets its direct light from the west.

This plant is a gift, I don't usually tend to plants, and I don't know what I'm doing right or wrong.

Please help !

Photo of the jasmine Photo of lost leaves Photos of leaves still on the plant


The plant continued to lose leaves, but the last ones that were falling were dry. As my pot has a drainage hole, I've opted to try and completely soak the dirt.

Edit 2:

It seems the plant was thirsty, and my previous waterings were just not enough. I can see new leaves peeking out at the extremities of the branches.

After that I also added some fertilizer, I don't know if it was required yet, as some was included in the dirt. But it does not seem to have posed any issues.

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    – MackM
    Apr 16 at 20:07

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It could be a sign of various issues such as improper watering, insufficient light, pests, diseases, or environmental stress.

Check the sign of watering because over-watering or under-watering can both cause leaf loss.

Check nutritional deficiencies because yellow leaves often signal a possible nitrogen shortage.

Providing proper lighting to Jasmine plants because they typically thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. If your plant is not receiving enough light, it may drop leaves.

Check your jasmine plant for signs of pests infestation and pest residue like webbing, sticky residue, or discoloured spots on leaves.

Pruning to prevent leaf drop because this can help improve air circulation around the plant and encourage new growth.

Remember, it's not just about watering, pruning and cleaning up. It's about understanding your Jasmine's needs.

Be the plant parent— consistent care is key.

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    That's a little too.... abstract. I know next to nothing about plant care. How can I tell if the plant is over/under watered? How can I determine if there are nutritional deficiencies? My plant gets both direct lighting on the top part, and indirect on the bottom. I checked under the leaves and AFAICT (again total newbie here) there is nothing of note. Some leaves turned color to a purple color. But those still seem to be in a good state.
    – Irwene
    Apr 3 at 14:26
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    I agree, that it can be confusing for new plant parents to know the cause of any problem with their plant. Multiple causes can cause a problem. But, you can search for the cause of the plant problem based on its symptoms. Similarly, you can search for the care routine of your plant and strictly follow it, Now, getting to the purple leaves. It;'s usually a sign of excess anthocyanin production, indicating that your plant is under stress. Again, the reason for this can be multiple things such as watering, lighting, nutrition deficiency, and much more. Apr 4 at 5:47

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