Does anyone know what these black spots on my ficus are and how to treat? I had to put it out in the sun when my house was being painted, could it be sunburn? Or maybe a fungus?enter image description here

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This is a fungus/virus/bacteria brought on by over watering. Indicators are:

  • happens on older growth first
  • growth rings are present: round hole in centre of dead tissue surrounded by a halo of dying tissue. The disease grows a bit then stops then starts again.

Most plants can out grow this problem if you do the following:

  • provide as much light as possible
  • water less, only when the top inch of soil is dry
  • ensure the plant is not sitting in water
  • review the last time the plant was repotted. If this is an old plant that has been overwatered it may be time to repot by
    • take out of pot
    • remove any black or soft roots
    • cut off an inch or two of the root ball at the bottom of the pot
    • add soil less mix to the bottom of the pot
    • replace plant in pot and water

Do not:

  • fertilize until the spots stop appearing
  • repot if the root system is firm with white or yellow roots
  • Thank you so much for the answer and advice!
    – Alice
    Jan 23 at 22:55

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