I planted my date palm 3yrs ago now. So far it has has grown 3 very long leaves, but no stem / trunk. These leaves have also grown tremendously slowly. The soil I have used it Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting soil. I water it once every 2 weeks or so. I just cannot figure out why it's not growing. My room is very sunny; but it is placed just out of direct sunlight.

enter image description here

  • Couldn't hurt to give this Middle East desert plant maximum sun gradually. You are allowing for about 5% of the sun it expects. Jan 21 at 23:29

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is it a old desert say: "plant a date palm, so your sons will see the fruits from it"? So: it is a very very slow-growing plant.

My experience on a green house is similar (and a green house has sun from all directions): healthy (so many new shots/leaves), but slow. And I assume both of us doesn't live in desert so the ideal conditions of such plant, so add few extra decades.


I am growing a date palm from seeds and it is five or six years old now and at least two meters tall. My observations:

  • this plant needs full sun. To get good growth I put it outside in the summer when temperatures are above 10 degrees Celsius
  • it is a vigorous grower when given full sunlight and unlimited access to water
  • a vigorous root system indicates that repotting can be done yearly if light and water are supplied
  • never had any pest problems
  • thorns on the fronds are a safety issue
  • works well with a capillary wick system

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