Behind my home is an undeveloped area with lots of grasses and thistles (about 1000sqft). I have a bag of wildflowers that I would like to plant in the area, but I want to remove as many of the established plants as possible to give the wildflowers the best chance. What's the best way to blank slate an area? I wondered about covering the area with cardboard and burying it with soil then planting on top, but was unsure if that would block the wildflower roots from reaching deep enough. I don't need a perfect solution, I figure the area will eventually get repopulated with grasses, but I'm hoping for something relatively easy that will give the seeds a low competition environment.

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Strim the area. Rake off the arisings. Wait for regrowth and then carefully spray with Roundup. Repeat if necessary and then cultivate prior to sowing. However, consider that what you have at the moment does actually consist of wild flowers and grasses native to where you live. The RHS have some informative articles on creating and managing wild flower meadows here and here. Note the quote in the first article:

If you don’t want to create a new meadow from scratch, you can instead convert your lawn or simply encourage more diversity of wild plants within a mown lawn – see How to transform an existing lawn, below, for these options.


Instead of using cardboard, try using thick paper. Rosin paper that is sold in hardware stores is what I use for projects like this. The paper is strong enough that it wont tear as you apply it, or walking on it but it will break down quick enough for the roots of the wildflower seeds to find the earth underneath.

What I do is cover the paper with mulch and a layer of compost underneath. spread the wildflower seeds on the mulch and make sure it gets watered if the rain is sparse.

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