My wife is apparently planning to expand our apartment garden with Dracaena trifasciata. Right now it is standing in a bit of water (to get some roots I guess).

enter image description here

It is however unfortunately more lying than standing because of me, the cat, the window etc.

My question: is it possible to directly plant it in soil without waiting for the small roots to sprout? note

This is how the bottom part looks today

enter image description here

note This should considerably improve its chances of making it to Christmas. I do no want to ask my wife because she is not around and I will take the opportunity of her stay with friends to plant it and call it a day (and assume the consequences, but with competent information in this post. This means that it will be your fault)


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  1. I grow variations of the snake plant, calling them all Sansevaria. They all reliably root directly in soil (99%). Sansevaria Moonshine has greyish green leaves under a foot high (good for the office):

    Sansevaria Moonshine

  2. As they grow at the foot of rainforests I've visited, a moist and fertile medium is called for.

  3. Troopers, they will bloom if you give them a South window - honeysuckle scent. But they also will live if not thrive in a closet, watered once a month, no exaggeration. I let them dry between waterings to stimulate the plant's need to root.

  4. When friends say they have a black thumb, they get a snake plant and find it's getting greener.

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