I have an indoor palm tree. I noticed some slightly sticky clear sap at the base of the leaves, and some tiny grey or brown specs bunched up at the same location that looks like a scale infestation. I am attaching a photo. Any clues on what this might be? Thanks.enter image description here

  • I also believe it is a plumeria, by the small leaf that is visible. Still I request you to upload pictures of its matured leaves for a confirmation. Now, plumeria is not indoor plant. It can grow upto 10/12 ft. And in outdoors you need not worry about the sap toxicity as it will be out of reach in time, you just need to be cautious in the meantime. It blooms in summer with a pleasent fragrance.
    – Spectra
    Apr 19 at 12:39

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First of all, that's not a palm, that's a Plumeria I believe. They were introduced to Hawaii. All parts of the plumeria are considered toxic and the sap itself has a propensity to cause rash in sensitive skin.

  • Interesting, thanks.
    – Cattus
    Mar 21 at 14:29

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