I've recently visited the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and seen these two plants in the image below. I was trying to identify the plants in this section for a project, and most came with a little name-plate (thank you RBGE) but these two didn't (not that I could see). Any ideas anyone?

To clarify; this section contains native and non-native species from Scotland, China, Japan, Canada, America, and possibly other places, so these species really could be from anywhere!

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Top species: Hosta sieboldiana var. elegans

Bottom species: Unidentified

Thank you in advance.enter image description here

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The bottom plant seems to be a species of Rodgersia, most probably Rodgersia pinnata


Trust me to spend an hour looking and then stumble upon one of the two plants almost straight after posting a question...

I believe the plant in the upper half of the image is a Hosta sieboldiana (Giant Blue Hosta).


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