This plant has thorns, thin leaves and has purple flowers. This plant grows in Charlotte, NC, US. This plant is about 6-12 inches. This plant started growing on it's own. I think this plant is an annual but I'm not sure because I haven't saw this before.
Whole plant


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That's a thistle. There are a few possible specific species. Some are considered noxious weeds in certain states. Some are native species in some locations.

Presuming you are in North Carolina, as you have oddly left your state out of your location, https://www.invasive.org/species/list.cfm?id=21 includes Canada Thistle as an invasive/noxious weed, and that might well be what this is, but I'm not sure of making a positive ID (of which exact thistle species it is) from these pictures.

  • I am, its definitely thistle. @Green, you should chop it down before it starts forming seed. Commented Jun 25, 2023 at 2:42

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