Planted this Shasta daisy from a pot after full flowering last year. We had a very snowy winter, but it came back (cut down near the ground in fall)and seems so healthy. It has many buds, but they haven’t opened in 3-4 weeks. It gets lots of Sun and I keep the soil moist. What could be the problem? enter image description here


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Your plant looks very healthy.

Shasta daisy bloom time ranges from early summer to early fall . These improved daisies are more robust, with larger flowers and a longer bloom time than their wild counterparts.

  • If you're in USDA Zone 6 or 7, the plant's clock has not triggered it to pop open yet, buds notwithstanding.
  • Feed a bloom buster if you like (10-50-10 or at least 10-15-10), but it'll open in July or August when it's ready.
  • Yes, I’m in Zone 7 so sounds like I just need to be patient. Thank you so much! Jun 23, 2023 at 3:00

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