I bought an autumn sage a few days ago, it had a few yellow leaves on the bottom but it seemed fine.

However now there's yellowing and browning in the flowers too and a lot of the bottom leaves have fallen off.

The plant came in a small pot and I've only watered it once in the three days that I've had it.

I was waiting for it to get acclimatized before moving it to a bigger pot, right now I keep it in a bright spot where it gets some early morning sunshine.

Could it be a fungal problem or is it something else? enter image description here enter image description here

enter image description here

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They are multiple reasons why a plant can have yellowing on the leaves. Depending on location could be weather change, humidity, not enough water, too much water and just overall stress. It doesn't look like its a disease or fungus. It could be that the plant did not get enough sun and water before you bought it and now you are seeing more results. I would change to a bigger pot or add more potting soil to cover more the sensible areas.


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