I live in the pacific north west, I have some pepper plants that got infected with a weird disease that I can pin point. White spots that are in clusters sometimes and the leaves just turn yellow and brown.

Pepper leaves with yellow discolouration

  • is there anything that moves on the underside of the leaf?
    – kevinskio
    Aug 8, 2022 at 10:35

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Take a look at image number four at this site. I think this clearly resembles your photo. The conclusion is whiteflies

From wiki:

The eggs of Aleyrodidae generally are laid near each other on the food plant, usually on a leaf, in spiral patterns or arcs, sometimes in parallel arcs.

This source suggests a cure:

Whiteflies are resistant to chemical insecticides. Instead, use a homemade remedy of 1 tablespoon liquid soap, two parts rubbing alcohol and five parts water.

Spray this solution onto the plant’s leaves to kill and prevent whiteflies.

If you have healthy plants too, then quickly remove/destroy the damaged ones and save the treatment for later minor attacks on those you kept.

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