I have an indoor rose. Some time ago I added some succulent potting mix to it, then I noticed the tips are turning brown. I changed its soil again. I feel it's not as fresh as before. Any idea what should I do? I love her so much, she is a very very beautiful and good girl, and I'm apprehensive about it. Any help would be appreciated.rose leaf edges became brown

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It is my personal experience that small indoor roses definitely are not easy growers.

You added "succulent potting mix" to the soil. I guess the reason to do that was troubles with overwatering and yellow leaves.

Then the soil dried out quicker than usual, and then the tips of the leaves became brown.

To prevent yellow leaves, I suggest that you

  • check the drainage of the pot according to this guide
  • consider that unsatisfying light conditions can cause yellow leaves too
  • try to use a indoor fertilizer when watering, if you have not done that recently

It is my experience that often the trick to avoid brown tips is to check the need for watering daily at least until you feel familiar with the needs. It does not mean that you should provide water frequently as emphasized in the linked guide:

To test whether your rose needs watering, simply place your finger into the soil about an inch down and see if you can detect any moisture. If the soil is still moist then you can wait a day or so before watering. If the soil is on the dry side then this is the perfect time to water.

Remember roses like the soil to be somewhat dry in between watering so do not feel you are neglecting your rose by waiting for the soil to dry out.

The aim is to water once per week but if the soil feels dry and the temperature in your house is particularly hot because of warmer weather, give your rose another watering.

  • I'm so grateful for your response. I will follow your advice and update you on her situation. So many thanks
    – Mah
    Aug 6, 2022 at 23:09

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