I just bought this plant but it just said Tropical. I would like to know what it is and how to keep it looking so beautiful. enter image description here

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Could be a Yucca. Does it have a trunk from which the two branches originates? It is very common for Yuccas as household plants.

From this source:

How to grow yucca

Yuccas do best in bright light and can cope with some direct sunshine. Water only when the top few centimetres of soil are dry. Yuccas are tolerant of drought.


This source offers advices on how to distinguish Yucca and Dracaenas:

If you don't know if a plant is a yucca or dracaena, one easy way to determine is by seeing its leaf tip. A yucca, related to agaves, has similar leaf tip with that of agaves. The leaf tip is dryed and folded, becoming a stiff, thorn-like structure. If you brush the plant's leaves with the back of your hand, you can feel these leaf tips' sharpness against your skin. The older the plant, the harder these thorn-like leaf tips will be, and since the dead leaves don't fall down, these would make protective structure for its stem.


This plant is possibly a Dracaena angustifolia or "Corn plant".


I just found a Dracaena Rikki which looks exactly like my new plant

See: Dracaena Rikki


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