On fall of 2021, this plant just sprouted up, and survived the frost. I currently live in Charlotte, NC, USA. It is about 5 feet after growing for 1 year. I also seen it around in other places as I was going, so more likely to be a weed. This plant doesn't produce flowers (until about October) or berries. I tried to search the image on the internet but the results were a nightshade plant but I know it isn't a nightshade plant because their leaves are different from the one's in this image.

Plant or Bush in garden

Closer picture of leaves: Closer Picture of leaves

Another close picture of leaves: Another Close picture of leaves

Flowers (came about October): picture with flowers

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Baccharis halimifolia — eastern false willow is common (weed) in south eastern US.

From the linked site especially compare to this photo.

https://identify.plantnet.org/ says 10%. If you are not sure it is this species, we need more details.

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