This has come up spontaneously in my parents garden.
Probably seeded by birds or grew from spilled bird-seed (it is right next to the bird-seeder).
The location is right on the border between Netherlands and Belgium, north-east of the city of Antwerpen.
(Yes, I know there is cannabis growing right next to it. That also grew spontaneously.)

It is about 2 feet high and 8 weeks old now. The largest leaves are about 4" long and the older leaves at the bottom of the main stem seem to loose the spiky points.
It is a single main stem that has much smaller branches starting about 1 foot of the ground.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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I've put your images into Pl@ntNet, and it says it reckons (about 40% chance) that it's Carthamus Tinctorius, Safflower.

If it comes out with an orange-yellow flower, you'll know for sure.

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    No, that isn't it. I actually have safflowers in my own garden. There is some similarity, but safflower leaves are narrower with a different edge. And the leaves are a bit more grayish in color.
    – Tonny
    Jun 22 at 17:31

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