To describe the situation a bit more:

I have an outdoor window with a metal frame. There is about 10-15cm gap along the bottom of it. Tiled floor. The gap is not even height, so it's literraly about 10-11cm on one side and it widens to about 15-16 cm towards the other side. The floor is tile.

I need to fill this gap with something that will prevent water/dust flowing from one side to the other (not to worry: each side has a drain) and I was thinking to use some kind of rubber and cut it to size. But given it's somewhat un-even height I thought there might be a better material? Something easy to work with. Maybe something originially soft and it hardens when exposed to air and maintains waterproof quality long term?

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Brick (or structural tile) and mortar. Use more mortar on the low side to even things up. If you want "flexible" use the brick and mortar to make a smaller, even gap you can caulk.


What about epifoam packaging? I reuse it when I find it used for larger items like furniture, tv or computers It can be cut to shape, stable outdoors and any gaps can be sealed with latex caulking

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