Our fig trees budded and new leaves emerged, but after about a week the edges turned brown and the leaves have curled up and died. Only two leaves are left on one of the trees, though new buds are starting.

I'm leaning toward it being a fungus, but my understanding is "fig rust" affects the whole leaf rather than just starting at the edge. Any ideas what's going on and how I can combat this?

Location is northeastern United States.

Dead fig tree leaves


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I'm almost certain it's frost damage. Based on the time of year, your image and the description, your tree was most likely hit by a late spring frost. Luckily, your location should be frost-free in a couple of days, so your tree should be safe from here on out.

  • It gets fairly cold in the Pacific Northwest, so again, I'm inclined to suggest frost damage. Commented May 13 at 1:55

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