It is a Summit cherry tree, planted one month ago in a container. Recently most of its leaves and sprouts became droopy and it also has fewer leaves compared 2 other cherry trees planted around the same time.

I've checked the soil and top 2 inches were moist. For the one with drooped leaves, it was pruned 3 times before it sprouted since I have little experience in pruning fruit trees. The other two though was pruned in one go.

I have no idea what happened and what should I do to save the tree. Friends pls help. Thanks

Update: there was very little sap oozed from the cutting point This is the cherry tree mentioned above

This are two healthy cherry trees planted at the same time

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I think its not being watered enough. You should drench it periodically. The roots aren't at the top, they are deeper. Invest in a drip feeder. Something like this is cheap

enter image description here

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