I have a Jade plant which had a trunk shaped like a Y. After getting back from a few weeks vacation, one "leg" of the Y was completely wilted and limp looking. Looking closer, I noticed that there was some mold growing at a crack in the "segments" of the trunk. I decided to completely cut off the part above the mold.

Now I see that there is still some mold growing where I cut. How can I save this plant and prevent the mold from getting to the other half?

Broken trunk of Jade plant showing white-grey-blue mold growth

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The jade plant is quite tough. It will sustain long spells of dryness and will reproduce via its stalks whenever it can. Because it's a succulent, it loves direct sunlight and heat, so I would put it inside on a windowsill and stop giving it water, during its recovery. The mold could be due to excess humidity, so that new scenario would help as well on that front.

Reading up more info on the plant is always useful.

Best of luck!

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