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I planted a spider-plant cutting, in a pot that included some home-made compost. The pot has sprouted 4 tiny seedlings. Can anyone identify them from these pictures?

  • If I gently squeeze the leaves, then it has a very strong (bitter?) vegetal smell, somewhat reminiscent of ivy.
  • The compost in question is about evenly kitchen waste (so fair amounts of veg seeds/fruit pips) and shredded garden waste (so lots of shredded weeds), so I assume it's one of those.
  • The pot plant isn't terribly close to sunlight, so the seedlings are likely to be unusually etiolated.

Last time I had an unexpected seedling in with something else, it turned out to be a sunflower, so I'm relunctant to just throw it away. :)

Any guesses what these are?


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It looks like the Cotyledons (first leaves) of some kind of squash. I recently planted some pumpkin seeds from a leftover Halloween pumpkin just to try it and the leaves look real similar. Pumpkin Seedlings

  • That's extremely likely the garden compost added to the pot regularly has squash innards added to it.
    – Brondahl
    Aug 18, 2022 at 8:27

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