This plant used to be green, since a year ago it's mostly yellow (most but not all of the leave is yellow) and stopped growing - even shrinking a bit.

I suppose it has a disease. But I don't even know what the tree is, nor the disease. Is this a lost cause?

(note: I'm a total noob in gardening)

Before: enter image description here

After: enter image description here enter image description here


It is a typical variegated euonymus, doesn't look like it has any problem. As I remember they could have both variegated and solid green branches on the same plant.

  • Definitely looks variegated (not diseased or something), but I do see some chlorosis on a couple leaves in the lower left corner. It's hard to say what that means (but it might need fertilizer). Oct 19 at 7:16
  • But why does it not grow at all, I'm fairly positive it's even been slowly shrinking over the summer. Aren't plants supposed to grow rather than shrink lol, I don't know really as I said I'm a complete noob. Also the plant looked a lot greener years ago and now it looks more yellow, although I can't be 100% positive on that.
    – drake035
    Oct 19 at 11:23
  • Generally , woody plants grow in the spring and do not get new growth in the summer. Oct 19 at 18:07
  • OK one last thing: I want it to grow upwards to create privacy. Is there anything I can do to help?
    – drake035
    Oct 21 at 10:58
  • You can selectively prune most plants for a preferred shape . You will have some risk of lower parts getting sparse if you prune them. I think euonymus may come in upright and lower, spreading varieties, but that would mean panting more shrubs. Oct 21 at 18:29

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