Trying to identify this little guy I found crawling around outside (Pittsburgh, PA area). It is a bright yellow spider with black spots and lines on it.

bright yellow spider with black spots and lines

The only thing I turned up in my searches was the Yellow Crab Spider, but I did not see any pictures of one with black marking in the pattern of my picture (if any they had red marking on the sides).

(Note: Used as there was no and wasn't sure if it is needed.)

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    Hi Skooba, this is not really a gardening question
    – kevinskio
    Sep 3 '21 at 21:10
  • @kevinskio Why not? Has meta policy changed here, there are tons of identification questions here for insects and the like.
    – Skooba
    Sep 7 '21 at 12:00
  • From Help on what kind of questions can I ask here: identification ... of animals that are affecting your garden or houseplants; Hard to see how Spiders are affecting the garden in this context
    – kevinskio
    Sep 7 '21 at 12:36

It looks like a crab spider of some kind. There are lots of kinds.

Here are some links with pictures that look like yours:

Supposedly, crab spiders can change colors (so, yours may not always be yellow).

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