I am growing Kentucky bluegrass on deep topsoil in Minnesota and found that the grass punches through mostly in spots covered by a thin shredded-paper mulch that I applied (since I applied the paper sloppily, I can see that the grass grows mainly through the paper-covered spots and less so in bare spots). I am watering it 3 times per day, with about 1/4 inch of water per time.

So, why does paper mulch help growth? Is this just helping to retain moisture even though it seems like I am keeping the ground saturated with water?

Anyway, my real question, since I'm finding that wheat flour and "quick" oats are somehow even cheaper than paper, what would be the harm in replacing the paper with these edibles? My instinct is that grass would grow even better with a finely-ground wheat or oat covering (which will stay continually moist just like the paper). Is the only downside to switching to these edibles that birds and animals will come eat everything?


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