I am building an aromatic garden and looking for some drought-resistant fragrant evergreen shrubs/trees to give me year-round interest.

Winter interest:

  1. Osmanthus sweet tea olive blooms in October - March.
  2. Michelia champaca blooms in January - March.
  3. Daphne odora blooms in Feb - March.

Spring interest:

  1. Camellia blooms in January - May.
  2. Cherry laurel blooms in February - April.
  3. Sarcococca ruscifolia blooms in March-April.
  4. Rhododendron/Azaleas blooms in March-May.

Summer - fall interest:

  1. Star jasmine blooms in May - June. ​
  2. Gardenias blooms in May - July.
  3. Some deciduous roses and chrysanthemums.

I am in USDA Zone 10a: to -1.1 °C (30 °F), and all plants are planted outdoor in-ground.

Can anyone help me to find some summer & fall blooming fragrant evergreen plants? Thanks!


Here are a few suggestions, all from this page.


A great perfumed bloom is white butterfly ginger, Hedychium colonarium. In zone 8 it begins blooming in July, don't know about Z-10. Typically 5 ft tall when blooming. In Z-8 it dies back in winter but is very hardy and trouble free. Scent as strong as gardenia but lasts much longer. Another hardy scented bloom favorite of mine is 4 O'clock, Many gardeners are not impressed, maybe because they are so easy to grow. Invasive in zone 8 . The individual flowers do not have strong scent but several bushes will have a hundred new blooms each afternoon and will be noticeable. Here they are a favorite of hummingbird moths ( in the evening), an interesting visitor. Zone 8 they bloom from late June to fall.

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