I wanted to plant pink guava because pink guava is rare in my area. It is a small town. White guava is very common here. So, I went to a small nursery here. He sold me a plant of about 5 feet and said it is pink guava. In fact, he said all guavas he has are pink guavas. I don't trust him and can't wait for a year to confirm the right one. I only have space to plant one tree only. I bought it anyway.

Is there any way to identify from the leaves or the stem or the plant itself if it is pink guava or a white one?

A few pictures of the plant are given below. Sorry for the bad quality pictures.

guava plant

guava leaf


Psidium guajava seems to be the one you have - unfortunately, there are no indicators in the foliage or stems as to what colour the inside of the fruits will be, could be white, yellow or pink. This link https://www.britannica.com/plant/common-guava might be of interest, from which you will see there is another variety of guava that has smaller, rounded fruits which are dark pink in colour on the outside, which is why I queried 'pink' guava.

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