bought my house a few month ago, the apricot tree in the garden seemed fine at first and I thought it would be ok because a lot of buds appeared early, but now it seems to be dying.

Do you think it was the frost or some fungus?

Should I cut all dying branches?

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Because some branches look good, while others are dying, it could be borers in the dead branches. Some borers produce waste/frass at a hole. Surface insecticide will not reach them. I have killed some by inserting a wire into the hole, if you can find the holes.


Don't have grass growing all the way up to the trunk - the grass competes with the tree for water and nutrients. Ideally, the tree should be centred on a circle of bare soil around 1-1.2 metre diameter. The easiest way to do this is to spray a circle off using Roundup. To quote from the RHS:

Keep a vegetation-free circle at least 1.2m (4ft) in diameter around the plant for its first three years to help avoid this problem.

The circle can be kept weed free through hoeing, using a mulching mat or use of contact or systemic weedkillers.

Laying mulch over this circle is also helpful, although take care to leave a collar of 10cm (4in) around the woody stems that is free of mulch, to prevent the risk of rotting the bark.

  • Doesn't grass only drain surface moisture? Furthermore doesn't it prevent the sun hitting the soil directly thus reducing moisture loss? At lest mulch does.
    – Vorac
    Feb 3 at 8:45

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