Large spreading shrub has flowered for the first time in 8 years. Would love to know it’s name. enter image description here

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    Could you please add a couple of photos? One showing the plant from a distance and the other showing a closeup of the leaves? – Jurp Jun 4 at 13:13
  • Do you need more than the photo above? I’m happy to take more. – lemonjello Jun 5 at 2:57
  • Yes, we need at least the two photos I asked for in order to make a decent ID. Thanks – Jurp Jun 5 at 12:32

Could well be totally wrong, but it looks vaguely like a single-flowered Philadelphus. Take a look at these images.

  • They are similar but these have pointed petals and are not notched on the edge. – lemonjello Jun 5 at 3:00

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