I'm new to this stack community so please be nice. There is a light brown chalky color on my Anthurium's leaves its not an obvious fungus structure the best I can determine is that it's something like interveinal chlorosis but I wouldn't know. Please note the brown spots on the edge of the leaves isn't my concern it's the rest of the leaf that I'm talking about.

Leaf with discoloration

Close-up of leaf

Underside of leaf


A closeup picture of the underside of the leaf would help. However you can do my diagnosis:

  • check a few leaves this way
  • carefully turn a leaf over and look closely
  • do you see small insects the size of an exclamation mark?
  • or do you see small white larvae like a small exclamation mark?
  • or do you see small white grains the size of salt?

If you see the first two then I think you have thrip. See here or it is less likely you have spider mites see here

If it's thrip they are extremely hard to control as the kids live inside the leaf tissue. Just throw the plant out.

Spider mite can be controlled with 5ml dish soap and 1 liter of water applied every 5 to 6 days at least three times

  • ok i added more pics please see May 31 at 12:27
  • after looking at the second image in this article;s section on "Anthurium" i can conclude it is spider mite 135artnature.ru/en/… I will treat it soon thanks May 31 at 12:38
  • 1
    @TechnoloJesus Mites can be controlled, cut back the worst leaves, wipe the rest with soap and water
    – kevinskio
    May 31 at 14:24

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