I planted hulled Bermuda seed from a local seeding company. It’s a good company it was $180 for 27 pounds. Currently on day 11 of watering the seed every 2-3 hours for 10 minutes to keep moist and around day 8 I noticed these sprouting up.

enter image description here

They’re bright green and thin and it appears to be a single grass blade. I THOUGHT this was the Bermuda germinating? But today I noticed this grass starting to germinate.

enter image description here

It’s almost purplish and it seems to have 3 grass blades coming from one system. Are these two different types of grass?

If you can’t really tell what’s what I can try and upload a better picture.

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    Almost all "grass seed" is a mix of several different species. Obviously we have no way to know exactly what you bought and whether it matched what was advertised. The small print on the packaging might tell you, if you still have it. – alephzero May 26 at 0:51

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