My seedlings trays (special the cultures that need quite some water) are infested with small flies (and larvae). I grow my seedling trays indoor. Are they harmful for my cultures? How can I get rid of them in a natural way?

Thanks in advance

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    They are probably fungus gnats. Try searching this website for "fungus gnats", I have seen many posts about how to get rid of them. My personal favorite way is using nematodes... – benn Apr 29 at 15:15
  • Nematodes seems to be the more natural way indeed. I will explore that option if the problem comes around again. Cause I need to react fast, I'm currently using some 'bio' pesticide with hazard level EUH401 and water traps, which I'm not really sure if it is the right way to go. – fallout May 4 at 12:48

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