I have a small olive tree (Olea Europaea) growing in a pot. It has been living in my greenhouse (NW England) for two years, along with a load of carnivorous plants, mostly Drosera and Sarracenia. I sometimes get small little shoots growing the carnie pots, and have been told that these are probably Utricularia. They are always a single stalk, a couple of inches tall, with a very small yellow flower on top. Don't have any at the moment, so can't include a photo.

I now have something growing in the soil with my olive tree, which bears some vague resemblance to the Utricularia, but is much more bushy, with much larger shoots...

Something growing with my olive tree

I've never seen anything like this in my greenhouse before. It wasn't there when I got the tree, and only seems to have grown this year.

Anyone any idea what it is? I rather like it, and would be quite happy to get some growing in its own pot if that's possible.


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