Super newbie here. There are trees in my area which is Phoenix, that grow tiny yellow pom-poms. Google tells me the tree is Sweet Acacia. These trees are amazing to me!!! I looked up how to plant from seed. I picked up some seed pods that look like black, dried up beans. I cracked them open to get to little black seeds that look like tics. And Google further told me to put these seeds in near-boiling water and leave for 12 hours. And then immediately put them into potting soil where they may sprout in 3-4 weeks. Am I on the right track? The near-boiling water has me concerned. How do these plants propagate naturally? If I follow the instructions above, can I expect the seeds to sprout? Many thanks to anyone that can help.

  • Newbie here too. I've heard of, and applied the hot water method myself. I still haven't had any success with tree seeds -- they seem to be a real challenge to sprout. I suspect the hot water is an attempt to simulate conditions you might not have in your local climate, but I'm really not sure.
    – moinudin
    Apr 4, 2021 at 0:48

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4/10/21 Update: I followed instructions from Google to get water near boiling. And then put the seeds in that water and left for 12 hours. Next, I put the seeds into a wine glass, the only clear container I had, so I could check their progress. I pushed the seeds up to the side with some wet paper towels expecting nothing (the near-boiling water is not damaging the seeds?) BUT a few days later, the little buggers are actually germinating! Now what. I put some in potting soil with small rocks beneath hoping to keep them hydrated but not allowing root rot. I hope they're ok. Hoping I didn't harm them in this transfer. I just really want a Sweet Acacia that I grew from seed :) The yellow pom-poms they grow are so amazing to me. And I must have one of those trees I grew from scratch. This is not an answer but StackExchange won't let me post anything else.

4/13/21 Update: They're sprouting. I'm still worried about root-rot. I really am clucking over them like a mother hen. Hoping they grow true leaves and then I will transport them to a bigger pot and then to the great outdoors.

4/17/21 Update: I have seedlings. They are slowly growing tiny, adorable leaves. They are doing ok but I am very concerned about watering them correctly. I have killed plants in the past with too much love. I dug into the dirt to see if water is collecting near the bottom - so far all is well. Next up is to find out what fish-fertilizer or compost-tea is because that is what Google tells me they need at some point.

4/18/21 Update: starting to thin the seedlings. I gave them more water yesterday and let the pot drain well. Keeping a close eye on them.

4/20/21 Update: they seem to be doing ok. I see a few true leaves sprouting. I thin them on occasion and the sprouts I pick have an odor - like oh no, root rot. It wouldn't be the first time I killed a plant with that. And I feel bad every time. Are they warm enough? I keep my place on the cool side but not freezing. Do they have too much water or not enough. On one of my recent walks I picked up a few more pods in case I kill the seedlings I have now. Live. Learn. Hoping for the best!


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