I had planted some seeds of Calendula in my garden. This plant came out at that spot, which I think looks like calendula. enter image description here

This is the stem portion. enter image description here

However no flower is blooming, instead the tip of the plant is becoming like this: enter image description here

with cotton or something like that enter image description here

Is it a weed, not a calendula?

  • Is the plant sticky to the touch?
    – Jurp
    Feb 25 '21 at 0:24
  • No, it is not sticky, rather feels like velvet.
    – Spectra
    Feb 25 '21 at 5:41

Calendula leaves are broader and the flowers quite different. Your plant is possibly Valerianella species, otherwise known as Corn Salad or Mache. Cultivated varieties generally have smooth leaves, this one has hairy leaves. There is a species V. eriocarpa which is hairy and has the dense, tiny flowers in your photo. Found in the south of the UK, native to the Mediterranean.

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