I plan to install an outdoor playset/swingset in my backyard. My concern is the backyard is inclined, and the playset will be at the lower grade.

What's the right way to flatten the yard (where the playset will go) while ensuring proper grading for drainage?

  • How steep of a slope does your yard have? How large of an area will the playset occupy (length x width)? What kind of cushioning mulch are you planning to use? How deeply will you dig out the soil when you install the mulch? Will you use a barrier of any kind between the mulch and the soil under it? What kind of barrier? Will you use a plastic barrier between the mulch and the lawn to prevent the two from mixing (in my area, people often use a kind of plastic block as the border to cushion against falls)? – Jurp Jan 2 at 14:45

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