I have a lemon tree and it recently lost most of its leaves. I am not sure why.

Some information about the tree:

I am not sure what the variety of the lemon tree is (here is the store website for the tree I don't think it is mentioned there).

Tree is always inside (temp 18-22C).

It is placed under window, but I live in the Netherlands, so usually it has overcast sunlight.

The soil that was used for potting is this Citrus Focus Repotting Mix.

At the bottom of the pot there are hydro-balls because I read it improves drainage.

How the tree was taken care for

I read online that the tree should not be watered too often, I originally watered it once a week but the leaves started to fall.

I read online this might be either due to not enough fertilizer or due to too much or too little watering.

So I decided to start water it only once per 1.5 week and I also added bit of this fertilizer to the water.

At first the plant started to be doing great (at least it looked much better) and just 5 days ago it had nice new leaves, but yesterday they started to fall off. This is how the plant looks today:

enter image description here

I know that there are similar questions with answers on this stack here or here or here, but they don't solve my question because the first question is about dried out lemon tree and mine does not look dried out (even though some of the fallen leaves shrivel many fall of without that), in the second the leaves also brown out but that does not happen to my tree and conditions are different, and the third is about much younger tree.

I am not sure anymore what is happening to the plant or how to save it, any help would be appreciated.

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