My month old lemon seedling put out its true leafs, however, the leaf has deep veins in the middle and its quite light in color on the leaf itself. I was wondering if this could be a sign of some sort of deficiency, or is it just how new leafs look in lemon seedlings, you can see his older leafs are quite deep green in color and don't have the same veinous look - the soil I have the seedling in is a cacti/palm soil mix with 0.12-0.8-0.8 fertilizer added that's supposed to be good & feed for 6 months. He's been in there for a month, and you can see he's putting out new growth quite vigorously so I was wondering if he's getting nutrient deficiency from growing too fast, should I start fertilizing him now with some weak fertilizer to see how he responds? Lemon seedling

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