I've made bokashi flakes from bran and LAB liquid, been using it for a while.

Dried the flakes and stored in plastic boxes, but I am unsure if that is the best way to store, since I know the bacteria inside does not like oxygen, and clearly a box has oxygen.

It also made me wonder - How long bokashi flakes can last?

Additional details:

Daytime time temperatures: summer 30-40c, winter 4-15c
Night time temperatures: summer 27-30c, winter 3-9c
Humidity: ~65-85%

Bokashi flakes were made from home-made LAB liquid from rice water, fructose syrup & wheat bran mixed with water, inside garbage bags for some weeks and then sun-dried and stored in small boxes, placed in a closed shed.

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    Good question; if could include dimensions of the containers, typical daytime & night time temperatures, typical humidity, and percentages of the materials used to make the compost, could also be helpful. We encourage you to take the Tour, and browse through the Help center, to learn more about how the site works! Thank you! Welcome to the site!
    – M H
    Nov 8 '20 at 8:12

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