Looks like Hens & Chicks on steroids.

mystery plant

I am in Baja California near Ensenada.

  • If you can snag a tiny rosette they are very easy to root and grow like mad with sun and water. It is a beautiful plant, isn't it? – Tim Quinn Dec 13 '12 at 3:23

Its a type of Aeonium. Maybe Aeonium canariense. There are a lot of hybrids of aeonium so it might be difficult to pin it down exactly. Canariense's leaves get tinged with red in bright sunlight.

  • It is an aeonium, I have one that is similar. – kevinsky Dec 13 '12 at 2:10
  • It must be. I got one too. – lamwaiman1988 Dec 19 '12 at 8:20

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