What are some short plants that preferably could be grown indoor which have similar nutritional requirements (in terms of N-P-K ratio, doses etc.) as Cannabis?

The purpose of this is testing a mineral fertilizer for Cannabis, without actually growing Cannabis as it is illegal in my country.

I was looking into Cannabaceae family and found out that Hops are closely related. However, due to its size/height it won't be convenient to grow it at home. Also, I'm not sure if being in the same family implies similar nutritional needs.

Plus bonus for valuable/exotic plants.


Hemp is a variety of cannabis sativa that would have similar nutritional requirements. Any discussion of whether it is legal to grow where you live is out of scope for here

This reference from wikipedia recommends the following fertilizer requirements

Hemp seed appears to be sensitive to seed-placed nitrogen fertilizer. It is recommended that the nitrogen be side-banded, mid-row-banded or banded in a separate operation.

There has been some research conducted on phosphate fertility trials in hemp. The trials indicate a reasonable tolerance to seed placed phosphate. Under ideal growing conditions plant population and grain yield was not affected by increasing the rates of P2O5. At the suggested rate of 34 to 45 kilograms/hectare and good growing conditions, damage is not expected to hemp seedlings.

  • thanks for your answer. Hemp is a variety of Cannabis so your answer doesn't actually answer my question. Whether someone wants to take into account the legality status or not is up to him/her. Oct 28 '20 at 13:04

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