I live in South India ,we shifted into our new house 7 years ago and planted this dark pink rose soon after from a nursery .There were 2 of them, but one of them died soon after planting, from shock I think.

But one survived and gave beautiful healthy looking flowers . Now since last 10 months or so ,it seems to stop growing and new leaves are few and small and wrinkled.


Buds are also small and shriveled looking with black spots on them. Rose petals are small dry, flower won't bloom fully and die off quicker than usual. I thought because of old age ,but rose plants can live up to at least 20 years in good health it seems.

Winters are not harsh here, and I have tried using cow dung manure and Rose Powder[that's the only rose specific fertilizer you can find here in the market ,having potassium ,Sulphur, magnesium in it].

black bud

In India, there's not so much extensive knowledge or experience for roses like in UK or other countries. So I don't know what variety of rose this is.

But still, there is no improvement. No other signs of insect infestation or diseases. under leaf What should I do to improve the shrub? Should I prune it?[we already pruned it this April]

Or using cuttings from it to grow new plants? We tried growing new plants from cutting ,but none actually grow more than a tiny green bud and few leaves. Does applying honey to the cut end help in root formation?

Please help. Links to websites with how-to are appreciated.

Edit: After Giacomo asked for more clearer photos I observed that there are these black scars like splotches on the leaves.

  • In any case, I would cut a branch and put in a pot. Maybe you overferilized your soil (or you changed too much the pH of soil). Your photos do not help much: out of focus, could you add a photo with top and bottom side of a leave? Oct 26, 2020 at 14:30
  • @Giacomo OK,I will add new photos soon Oct 27, 2020 at 3:06


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